International Metabody Forum

Crafting the Metabody: From Hands-­on to Bodies­-on, intra­-action and transdisciplinary mappings


From December 8th to the 14th, STEIM is hosting the International MetaBody Forum 2014, as part of the MetaBody project, a 5 years EU ­funded project which started in July of 2013

In this week, the partners in the project will collaborate in a group residency, bringing together their various concepts, knowledge and tools to produce a collaborative prototype for the eventual outcome of the project – a transformative, mobile architecture, that will seek to open perceptions, relations, movements and behaviors up to indeterminacy. During the week, the partners will transform all of the STEIM studios into a space of meta-formances, bodily experiences and transformative architectures.
The outcome of this week­long residency will be presented during the weekend:
Saturday, December 13, from 14:00 to 17:00
Satuday, December 13, from 20:00 to 23:00
Sunday, December 14, from 14:00 to 17:00
STEIM Concertspace, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

This presentation will include presentations on the theoretical background, as well as critiques on the technology used, and discussions between the partners and visitors.
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On Wednesday, December 10, from 20:00 we are hosting another evening on:

Expression through Movement and Music

opportunities for other­-abled bodies
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 17.53.21
Theater Perdu
Kloveniersburgwal 86
1012 CZ Amsterdam

The evening will present two projects from the MetaBody partners:
Affording Difference, Different Bodies / Cultures / Expression / Abilities
Working together to create electronic music instruments to improve quality of life

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About the MetaBody project:

MetaBody addresses the importance of non-verbal communication and embodied expressions for cultural diversity as a fundamental form of cultural heritage. Current information technologies induce forms of homogenisation of non-verbal expressions while subjecting people to an increasing control, thus undermining fundamental freedoms. This empoverishment of cultural expressions on a global scale is undermining diversity and civil rights while expanding the possibilities for ubiquitous and invisible surveillance worldwide.
The MetaBody project seeks to address this problem, elaborate a critique and propose alternatives through the production of new kind of media that highlight the diversity of embodied expressions, bodies and contexts, foregrounding cultural diversity. New multidisciplinary or transdiciplinary communication platforms will be developed in the convergence of the arts (dance, music, architecture and visual arts), and social minorities
with the mediation of techno-sciences and humanities.
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The core partners in the MetaBody project are:

Spain – Asociación Transdisciplinar REVERSO – Jaime del Val
Italy – Infomus ­Universitá di Genova – Antonio Camurri
Germany – Trans­Media­Akademie – Hellerau Thomas Dumke
UK – DAP_Lab – Brunel University ­– Johannes Birringer
France – K­Danse – Jean Marc Matos
Netherlands – STEIM – Marije Baalman
Portugal – Fabrica de Movimentos – Alberto Magno
Germany – Palindrome – Robert Wechsler
Spain – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – Eva Botella­Ordinas & José Luis carles
Spain – Instituto STOCOS ­– Pablo Palacio & Muriel Romero
Netherlands – Hyperbody Research group – Dr. Nimish Biloria
Germany – IMM Group – Bernd Schaedlich


During the week we are joined by some of our associated partners:

Switzerland – ICST – Daniel Bisig
Netherlands – dtr_lab – Dieter Vandoren
USA – NYIT – New York Institute of Technology – Kevin LaGrandeur
USA – UC Berkeley ­– Lisa Wymore and Sheldon Smith

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