Doing an internship at STEIM

STEIM is offering intenships for students from various kind of education.
In particular we are interested in students from studies related to:


  • Use of and building of sensors
  • Using and programming microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino)
  • Electronic design


  • In music environments such as: SuperCollider, Max/MSP, PureData, etc.
  • Languages such as C, C++, Python; specifically experience with GUI programming, OSX frameworks and/or crossplatform libraries


  • Single-board platforms such as the BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi
  • Real-time Linux on embedded platforms


  • Using and designing for laser cutting, 3D printing
  • 3D design, CAD drawing
  • Rapid prototyping

volunteer/intern Robert Shuttleworth showing a 3D printed design


STEIM has a huge archive of projects’ past, we are working to
make the archive accessible via modern means

  • Archiving and key wording mixed media
  • Writing overviews and analysis of subjects documented in the archive
  • Innovative interfaces to large mixed media repositories


Photography, video, and written documentation. We are looking for volunteers to help with taking photos, videotaping, and making short write-ups of events and projects that are going on at STEIM.


Volunteers to help with production of concerts. Live sound equipment set-up and lighting setup.


  • Researching funding opportunities.
  • Applications for funding.
  • Input into fundraising plans.

Applying for an internship AT STEIM

In your application we would like to see where your strengths are, possibly with examples of previous work you did (in case of programming skills – seeing source code helps) and an indication of which kind of project you would like to work on. In case of an internship application we need to know for which period you are applying. Send your application with CV and motivation to knock[AT]steim[DOT]nl

Practical things

STEIM does not provide travel expenses or  housing.
(Affordable) housing in Amsterdam is not easy to find –
not even for locals/Dutch people. Websites like
http://www.kamernet.nl, and others may help
(but are mostly in Dutch); always try to go and visit a place
before taking any room from a person you do not know. Also consider
surrounding places, like Duivendrecht, Diemen, Amstelveen in your
search, as they are in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam.