Studio (take2)

As part of an artist-in-residency stay, I got the opportunity to stay with a group of fellow artists at Steim. The aim was to produce new site-specific sound works and performances to present in an exhibition/concert night. Visitors then were able to enter all the studios which were occupied by various artistic interventions.

Steim thankfully provided all there studio spaces and an awful lot of equipment! Big thanks for such a support!

The specific architecture of the studios and the tradition of experimental electronic inherent at Steim served somehow as a start or reference point for all of the works.

For example my own production entitled REC (together with Clemens Mairhofer & Sebastian Six as artist collective FAXEN) focused mainly on the sound studio architecture, the specific acoustics and working situations in recording studios. The piece focused on unnoticed structures and elements of music production, such as coordination and communication between musicians and the acoustic configuration of the studio. By demounting and rearranging the acoustic absorber panels, we highlighted the sculptural qualities of these unique objects. This sculptural setting was combined with a four channel installation based on documentary material – mainly the count-in – of various recording sessions.

Pictures of REC by artist collective FAXEN at Steim Studio #1:

Thanks to Steim I had a highly productive and inspiring time!

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