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I took part in an orientation workshop followed by a residency at STEIM. This was funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. As a workshop musician and digital composer I’m interested in combining the disciplines by designing basic elemental musical tools for group composition. My project at STEIM allowed me time and space to research around this practice before developing and testing some of my own tools.
I was introduced to STEIM’s technology and aesthetic approaches through an orientation workshop. This was a great way to settle into the rhythm at STEIM before undertaking my own research and development. During the orientation lectures and demonstrations I was given the chance to engage with various STEIM approaches, whilst reflecting on my own project. This was followed each evening by many lovely dinners in the guest house, where ideas flowed and jamming was a natural digestif. At the workshop it was as important to meet and swap stories as it was take part in the daily lectures. I was lucky enough to meet a collaborative partner with whom I am still working (albeit cross channel).
In the residency that followed I was able to practically explore what I had learnt at the orientation workshop and incorporate these to my existing skills. This included imforming my use of gaming technology with Max MSP, elemental approaches to composition and looking at simple tactile acoustic devices for sound exploration. I developed software for use in my workshops at Generator Music ( and have documented them all under the umbrella of VOLT ( This also includes a more detailed project report. I have incorporated my tools into the workshops with much success, and am in the third, refinement phase of the process. My project website will continue to evolve with additions to my music workshop palette, which will include software and compositional ideas.
My residency at STEIM gave me the space to consolidate work with group composition. This opportunity was highly beneficial to my portfolio, and has laid the foundation for a project that I hope will continue to grow.

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