Mike Gao > Artistic Residency June 16-July3

I performed at the June 18th STEIM Summer Party, then stayed until July 3rd. I left STEIM around June 22nd for two gigs in France and returned on June 26th.

In the time there I assisted Jonathan Reus (STEIM) with iPhone programming, providing some source code for multitouch and simple gestures.

I began developing an installation piece/iPad app for Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger (currently Assistant Professor at UCSD).

I made progress and bug fixes on my Cyclic-N iPad app for my ICMC 2011 presentation/paper.

I also took the time to work on some popular music, with the track I did at STEIM chosen by Jay Scarlett as a candidate for Beat Dimensions 3 or his forthcoming compilation on Black Acre (UK).


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