Marijke de Vos, Wilco Botermans, Gene Carl > 4-dancers:4-loudspeakers

A dance/electronic music project by Marijke de Vos, choreographer/dancer/film-maker, Wilco Botermans, Theremin player, composer and programming, and Gene Carl, composition, synths and autoharp, with patches which let the dancers influence the sounds’ place in the room/stage.  For the experiments Wilco used MAX for programming how the actions would influence the music coming out of 4-loudspeakers placed at 4 corners in the room.  JunXion was used for keying in on different colors, movement, changes in place, as well as trigger for MAX while viewing the dancer(s).  The eo-body connected to Wilco’s control “glove” could send control signals which would influence how the sound is changed.   The eo-body was also used with proximity sensors; dependent on distance between the dancer and the sensor, the sound would rotate slower or faster around the room.  As well, Wilco’s Theremin was used as a proximity sensor which controlled other parameters of the sound.  At one moment the Theremin, a proximity sensor, and JunXion were all active influencing loudness, speed of rotation and which sample (sound) is sounding.  Samples of “What the River Said” for 4 loudspeakers were used  and re-mixed with live playing.

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