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[One of a couple of posts on the 2010’s MLB research and noise/light performance invitational project by Jamie Allen.  The photos in this post are by Phillip Stearns and Derek Wang]

After a set of European shows in Amsterdam and Vienna, the MLB project transferred it’s energies over the Atlantic a couple of months ago. This last May, a set of really one of a kind shows in the Northeast U.S. took place, featuring Atsuhiro Ito (OPTRON), Loud Objects, Phil Stearns, Jamie Allen and Yao Chung-Han, in varying combinations.  We were hosted by the fantastic folks at Issue Project Room (IPR) and The Silent Barn in NYC and did a further show in Washington DC at the Sonic Circuits series of events @ Pyramid Atlantic.

Each U.S. show had quite a different vibe – and each was special for its own reasons.  As we delivered our own particular brand of high amperage musicianship, something new seemed to reveal itself each night.  The space of IPR, white-walled and acoustically resilient, made for an intense, intimate set of performances.  Pictured below are Phillip Stearns‘ double fluorescent, no input mixer piece, and Atsuhiro Ito‘s pulsating, melodic set.

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Next up was a kind of homecoming to the Silent Barn out in Bushwick… A pre-show visit to the local German beer hall (schnitzel!), and the warm welcome of MLB friends Mr. Kunal Gupta and G Lucas Crane, reminded us all why this place is definitely worth the drive to Ridgewood.  If you’ve not been to the Barn, you really need to stop by: Kunal just bought a deep fryer.  I had a poke around the stage/kitchen with a hacked megaphone I’m now making noises with.

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To cap off the U.S. dates – an incredibly memorable show at Sonic Circuits after a long drive down to DC.  Jeff Surak, Director & Curator of Sonic Circuits helped us out by putting together a concert at Pyramid Atlantic’s art gallery, which features an old walk-in bank vault just off of the stage.  Yao Chung-Han started off the night with a particularly inspired and subtle LLSP set.  Loud Objects set up camp in the vault, and well… took all their clothes off.  It was beautiful.

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We have a few more bits of audio to mix from the performances above, and then will soon be releasing a vinyl compilation of all this madness.  Video footage will be out later as a short, edited documentary sometime in 2012, and we’re on the hunt for festival sponsorship to bring the whole group together again.  Thanks as ever and always to STEIM for their support and encouragement – please stay informed and keep in touch here.

[MLB continues as both a research project and performance tour. Check the MLB site or download MLB’s current Press Release for details.]

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