The Future of STEIM

STEIM’s future is uncertain. After years of budget cuts, our main funders have now decided to no longer support STEIM at all anymore. It is sad, very sad. And it is confusing as well. Some said we were too innovative with our new plans and it was not clear what the outcomes would be, others said we were not innovative anymore. Very confusing, indeed. Anyway… our current funding ends this year, which is less than two months from now.  

STEIM, as a formal organisation, will cease to exist, and we are still thinking about different scenarios to keep our ideas and our practices alive. Some of our projects and activities will continue, sometimes on a smaller scale, but typically involving existing partners and hopefully new ones as well. We are dedicated to continue our work, maybe under the same name, maybe under a different one, but definitely building on the ideas that we have been developing recently. It may take a while to figure out a new approach, but we will not give up. If you want to be part of this elusive new journey, let us know… 😉

2020 has been a bad year for so many of us. Covid-19 even prevents us to throw a ‘STEIM is dead. Long live STEIM’ party to thank everyone we have worked with over the years. For now, this is it: a boring couple of paragraphs with the sad news. But the feeling of gratitude towards all our friends and partners is no less sincere.


Kind regards,

Dick Rijken -Creative Director, and the team of STEIM.

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