Connector XXII

At the last edition of Connector this year, there will be performances by Jos Zwaanenburg, Gediminas Stepanavicius, Che-Sheng Wu, Hans van Eck and instruments built by Hans van Koolwijk. They will play compositions from Jos Zwaanenburg, Hans van Eck and Bart Spaan.

DATE: Thursday 5 december, 2019
TIME: 20:30 (Door open 20:00 hrs.)
COST: €7,50
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

In the fifth edition of Connector this year, flutist/live electronics specialist Jos Zwaanenburg enters into dialogue with the “Sound Machine” and “Sounding Porcelain “, two musical instruments built by Hans van Koolwijk. Percussionist Che-Sheng Wu (on porcelain), Hans van Eck (electronics and Sound Machine) and sousaphonist Gediminas Stepanavi?ius are also participating in this concert. On the programme are compositions and improvisations by Jos Zwaanenburg, Hans van Eck and Bart Spaan.
“Geluidmachine” (Sound Machine): The blower at the bottom of this instrument provides all five bamboo flutes with varying supplies of wind. Small slides that alter the air supply per flute are controlled via servomotors. Quickly pulsing valves interrupt the tone. Little lead pendants in the flutes vary the timbre of the sounds.

“Sounding Porcelain”: This sound installation, with robust and fragile bells, plates, and bowls, all made of bone china porcelain, is created by Van Koolwijk in the EKWC (European Ceramic Workcentre), and will be played by Che-Sheng Wu. The sounds from all these delicate sounding objects establish the basis for the various live electronic manipulations by Hans van Eck.

Jos Zwaanenburg (1958) is an internationally known flutist and composer/improvisator. As a lecturer at the Amsterdam Conservatory he is particularly interested in possible uses of live electronics in contemporary performance practice.

Hans van Koolwijk (1952) is a renowned sound artist and builder of experimental musical instruments. Since 1986 he has been working in the space between visual art and music.

Composer / sound artist Hans van Eck (1958) collaborates with Hans van Koolwijk since the late nineties which resulted in many compositions, including works for specially constructed instruments such as the Sound Machine. He is co-founder of the Schreck Ensemble.

Bart Spaan (1963) is a composer of both acoustic and electro-acoustic music. He worked together with amongst others pianist Ralph van Raat and Ensemble The Barton Workshop.

Che-Sheng Wu is a percussionist from Taiwan who graduated in 2016 at the ArtEZ Conservatorium Zwolle. As a performing artist he also has a special interest in mime.

Gediminas Stepanavicius is a Lithuanian double-bassist, sousaphonist/tubaist, currently studying for a Master’s degree in Live Electronics with Jos Zwaanenburg at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Hans van Koolwijk is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

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