At the fourth edition of Connector this year, there will be performances by Ward Slager and Comes | Veldman.

The homeTone exhibition will be open to visit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! starting this year the Connector events will be held every 2 months instead of monthly. So mark you calender for the next event: 5 December.

DATE: Thursday 3 october, 2019
TIME: 20:30 (Door open 20:00 hrs.)
COST: €7,50
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

Ward Slager

Ward Slager is a sound artist and instrument designer. He s a student at HKU focusing on expressiveness and playability in instrument design.

During Connector he will perform with a new iteration of Springlevend, an instrument in which vibrations are presented to the ear, eye and body. It amplifies the physical behaviour of a large spring by feeding back back the vibrations of the spring into the spring itself.

By picking up vibrations in the spring and sending them back into the spring it will find a balance at which it will resonate. The resonations can be altered by modifying the electrical signal during the amplification stage, pushing or even hitting the spring. The instrument act as a sort of perpetuum mobile from which a strong soundscape arises which not only shakes the spring but also the surrounding room.


Anthos had been when I awoke keen to the ground.
My hair fallen lush over the grass my mouth wet with unspeakable ghosts,
as I had been feeding on flowers heavy with the sap of women’s intent
and with affections for the amorphous stranger,
I can now twine my fingers into the stems push my knees into the earth
stretching here forward feeling the nine-days wonder
gathering the texture to my naked attuned body.
(by Andrea E. Janda)

Hessel Veldman (1956), musician, composer and radio-producer, started his search for uncomfortable music during his teens. An early fascination for electronic noise and dissonance, from the late 1970s, in combination with a preference for writing and performing extremely idiosyncratic music, has created a wide range of experimental compositions and radio productions.

Martijn Comes (1979) is a Dutch composer who specializes in the characteristics of sound in various musical traditions, with a special gravity in electroacoustic composition.

He has written and performed several works based on research in popular music, contemporary music and classical music, combining elements from various acoustic + digital aesthetics, composition techniques and sound character.

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