Steim Summer Party

It’s time again for the STEIM Summer Party!

This year STEIM celebrates its 50th anniversary. With performances by some renowned artists that worked with STEIM recently. It’s scheduled on Saturday the 6th of July. So please join us for a refreshing start of the summer with some refined electronic music performances. It will take place in the big aula at the Schipluidenlaan 12.

DATE: Saturday 6 July, 2019
TIME: 20:00 hrs. (door opens 19:30)
COST: €10 Buy online here or at the door
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam.

This years performers are Hugo Esquinca, Ji Youn Kang, Andi Otto, Sybren Danz, Fedde ten Berge and Nicolas Melmann. During the break and after the concert visitors can check out Steim’s MicroTone installations.

Hugo Esquinca

Hugo Esquinca is a Berlin-based sonic artist hailing from Mexico. His work investigates the diverse spatio-temporal interactions between technology, sound and the act of listening itself. Most of his work consists of site-specific compositions and installations designed with a view to a specific architecture, whose purpose is to uncover the complex resonatory potential of a concrete space. Esquinca also draws upon an aesthetics of error, heavily escalated sound and on unexpected situations produced by variable acoustical conditions, the limitations of the sound card or the listeners’ perceptual tolerance. Feelings of restlessness and a failure of one’s sense of orientation were experienced last year in front of the sound system at Berghain by the visitors of CTM festival. During Sonic Acts 2019 and NEXT festival 2018 Hugo presented a brutalistic sound piece on The Pentacle 15.3. This performance was created during Hugo’s residency at the STEIM in 2018. At the STEIM summer party Hugo will present a performance that elaborates on this research and experiences.

Ji Youn Kang

The work of Netherlands-based Korean composer and musician Ji Youn Kang incorporates acoustical instrumentation (traditional and new), as well as both analogue and digital systems. Her intense concerts build on the rich ritual aspect of the Korean shamanic tradition, whose excerpts she modulates by means of gradating noise structures with a sense for detail. Her versatile talent ranges from introspective songs and orchestral works to compositions designed for Wave Field Synthesis system (a 192-loudspeaker setup), exploring the possibilities of physicality and the spatial aspects of sound. Ji studied composition in Amsterdam and at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Ji developed a performance setup especially for The Pentacle 15.3 in November 2018 at STEIM. During the summer party she will present a performance that builds upon the qualities of this setup.

Andi Otto

Andi Otto performs electronic music with the cello. He has released five albums, various singles, collaborations and remixes on international labels. Together with the Indian vocalist MD Pallavi, he creates decelerated electronic dance music with a „mystically futuristic sound design“, as the Igloomag puts it. His latest LP is „Bow Wave“, released on the Multi Culti label in 2018.
On stage, he plays a unique sensor-extended cello bow which he has developed in collaboration with STEIM in Amsterdam. This instrumental system which he calls „Fello“ allows for gestural performance of the electronically processed sounds of the amplified cello. Andi Otto regularly composes for theatre and dance performances in which he also appears as a performer. He closely collaborates with musicians such as F.S. Blumm or Perera Elsewhere. His work has taken him around the world, most recently to India, Brazil and Japan.
Andi Otto is also one of the founders of the Pingipung label and as a DJ regularly spins vinyl at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club. He is a member of the Flinnworks theatre collective from Berlin, creates music theatre performances with Leo Hofmann and regularly works with choreographers.
He has written his PhD thesis about the STEIM SensorLab, a pioneering device for physical interfaces in electronic music from the 1980s. He teaches media theories and hands-on workshops about musical interfaces at HKB in Bern and Humboldt Universität Berlin.

Andi Otto will perform on his Fello system, a sensor-extended cello bow which he has developed at STEIM. In close collaboration with the Indian vocalist MD Pallavi he has programmed a set of raga scales in the Fello software. His concert explores the duo between the acoustic and digitally processed cello sound – bowing the waves, waving the bow….

Sybren Danz

Sybren Danz (NL) has been involved with music and sound for over two decades and became a member of the STEIM team in 2011. As STEIM’s former hardware developer he specialised in analog circuitry and built a modular synth from scratch. He has contributed to projects and music by Lucas Abela, Jan Bas Bollen, Tijs Ham and Andi Otto and in recent years performed at DEAF in Rotterdam, W139 in Amsterdam, the Musikinstrumenten Museum in Berlin and several STEIM events. Besides his own modular system STEIM’s famous seventies Black Box modular synth will be part of his improvised performance. Bring your earplugs!

Fedde ten Berge

Fedde ten Berge is an Amsterdam-based sound artist, builder of interactive sound installations, performer and composer of electronic music. He works as the artistic coördinator at STEIM in Amsterdam where he manages his workshop for electronics, wood and metal processing and organises exhibitions. Together with Jesse Meijer, Fedde developed a 15.3 loudspeaker surround sound system, The Pentacle, for which a number of artists made sound and electronic music pieces. He also makes interactive compositions for music theatre projects and develops educational programmes for primary schools with the Utrecht-based organisation Kunst Centraal. He visits around forty primary schools each year with his interactive sound installations. He also tutors conservatoire students in the field of instrument design, electronics, sensor strategies, data mapping and programming.

Nicolás Melmann

Nicolás Melmann (ARG) composer and sound artist tells stories with sounds, using instruments, electronics, field recordings and text creates a narrative that oscillates between the Hörspiele and the sound collage.
A multi-instrumentalist, Melmann creates sonic stories using electronics, non-conventional instruments (Koto, lyre, glass lyre, harp, ukulele, percussion, hangdrum, flute, etc.), field recordings and spoken word. The result is contemplatives soundscapes where melody and experimentation come together.
Melmann participated in the RedBull Music Academy (New York, 2013) and several art residencies and tours around the world bringing his music to stages like the Metropolitan Art Museum of New York (supporting Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto), the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver), Mutek, Sónar, Polytech Museum (Moscow), Seoul Museum of Art, EXPO MILANO (IT) etc. Touring extensively through Asia, Europe, North and Latin America, also working as a curator and composer for films, TV, theatre and dance performances.
Mellman will develop a piece for The Pentacle 15.3 in the period prior to the summer party.

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