TONE: Possible Scenarios….

STEIM asked NIO architects to sketch a set of future TONE scenarios for Steim in Amsterdam. As we have announced before, STEIM is developing TONE: A platform for Sound Art

Lab: Experimenting together with sound and music
Stage: Concerts, debates and seminars
Museum+: Permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and work in progress
Academy: Classes and workshops
Restaurant: Working together also means eating and drinking together
Guesthouse: Artists in residence can stay the night
Meeting place: You never know who you’ll meet
Exhibition space: To create is to show

We now have a detailed report with possible options at different locations, including budgetting, etc.

Here’s a taste of 2 of these possible scenarios: The first one is in collaboration with the Muziekgebouw.






The next one is at a now empty location, giving us the option to create something from scratch.

new world1

new world2

new world3

new world4

new world5

new world6

new world7

new world8

new world9

new world10

new world11

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