The Void* – Function

Have you ever been interested to take a peek into one of STEIM’s Studio’s?

Here is your chance!
The Void* (Roald van Dillewijn, Eric Magnée & Tijs Ham) have recorded a 360 degrees video where they are performing a new track in Studio 1. Look around to see the different setups, unique acoustic panels and quirky attributes scattered around the place:


The Void*

The Void* is a project by Roald van Dillewijn, Tijs Ham and Eric Magnée. Since 2010 they have been modifying instrument groups to be used in improvised acousmatic music. Their projects range from modified guitars and flutes to setting up a six piece ensemble for string and electronics. They performed at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the (h)ear festival and many others. Sonically The Void* focus on building timbral walls of sound. With their custom built instruments they sound like somewhat in between the resonance of an exploding supernova and the hum of a captured firefly.

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