Registrations open! 5-days of interactive performance technology workshops June 12-16

Just before the annual STEIM summer party we’re offering a double feature of workshops for performers and audiovisual artists to explore the possibilities of interactive technologies.

The workshop program begins on June 12th with a 3-day interactive audio-visual performance workshop. Led by visual artist and filmmaker Jamie Griffiths, the workshop is a deep introduction to using the award-winning interactive audio-visual software Isadora. The workshop goal is for every participant to be guided towards developing a fully-functional interactive performance system.

Jamie Griffiths - Isadora workshop

The second workshop takes place the weekend of June 15-16, focusing on the creative possibilities of wireless and networked sensing technologies for performance, dance, and music. This workshop will teach participants how to use the Sense/Stage wireless sensing system in order to incorporate short-range wireless communication and networked, environmental sensing into future projects. The wireless sensing workshop will be led by interactive artist and Sense/Stage engineer Marije Baalman.

Jan Klug - Instrument Lab #3 prototype controller

Space is limited for these workshops and registration for each must be made in advance. For more information and registration links please follow the links below! Those who attend both workshops receive a €20 discount on the registration fee.

12-14 June – Isadora interactive audio-visual performance workshop

15-16 June – Wireless sensing for music, environments, and performance with Sense/Stage

Jamie Griffiths - 9Grace


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