FULL!! Isadora interactive audio-visual performance workshop

June 12th, 2013 10:00 am until June 14th, 2013
STEIM Concert Space, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam STEIM Concert Space, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam

A 3-day intensive workshop with visual artist and filmmaker Jamie Griffiths. The workshop will be a deep introduction to using the award-winning interactive audio-visual software Isadora, with the goal of creating your own functioning interactive performance system.


Please note!! THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL,  when you register YOU WILL BE PLACED ON the reserve list!!

Online registration must be made in advance for this workshop using a registration link. Be sure to indicate in the registration form what computer platform you use so that we can provide you with a temporary Isadora license.


DATE: 12-14 June, 2013
TIME: 10:00 – 18:00 (each day)
COST: €140
LOCATION: STEIM Concert Space, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam
Register for this workshop together with the Sense/Stage workshop and receive €20 discount off the total fee. Please indicate in both registration forms that you will be attending both workshops and would like the discount.

Jamie Griffiths - Gesture

Jamie Griffiths - Isadora workshop

Jamie Griffiths - Grace

Video Design by Mark Coniglio for Insglück Markeninszenierung/Berlin

Video Design by Mark Coniglio for Insglück Markeninszenierung/Berlin

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know in order to create interactive performance systems with Isadora software, Wii controllers or an Android/iOS device, and cameras for video tracking.* Participants with laptops and Wii controllers or smartphones can build Isadora patches as they go through the workshop, ending up with a simple standalone performance patch by the end of day three, that can run in the free demo version of Isadora. The objective of the workshop is to introduce participants to the use of Isadora as an interactive performance tool and to guide them towards its use in their own work.

*Although the Windows version of Isadora will allow participants to try out most of the same functions as Mac users, PC users will not be able to access all the functions covered in the workshop, due to some third party software limitations, since connecting a PC with the Wii bluetooth device requires an alternative 3rd party software (such as ‘GlovePie’) which will not be taught in this workshop. If participants have an Android smartphone, they will be able to use that as a controller instead, by connecting to Isadora with the TouchOSC app via WiFi, available on iTunes.

Topics we will cover during the three days include:

  • Conceptualizing interactive interdisciplinary design.
  • What is Isadora? Setting up licences.
  • Software preferences and equipment set ups (hardware)
  • Understanding data types and efficiency.
  • Introduction to the interface.
  • Media playback & live inputs/outputs. Video processing effects.
  • Core Video and Core Audio sound effects (Mac users only)
  • Setting up triggers and generators to control sound and video.
  • Sound triggers from pitch and volume.
  • Live Networking data with other softwares or computers.


  • MIDI and OSC.
  • Wii control in Isadora part 1: Converting gestures to MIDI or OSC messages via
  • OSCulator third party software (Mac users only)
  • Wii control in Isadora part 2: Controlling audio and video with Wii data.
  • Using your smartphone as a control instrument, with TouchOSC app.
  • Video tracking of a moving object (hand) in Isadora
  • Building a control panel for a digital media instrument.


  • Text as video. Text triggers. Animating text in 3D space.
  • 3D particles & texture mapping.
  • Interactive control of DMX-based lighting with Lanbox or Enttec hardware.
  • Isadora software part 3: Custom User Actors & Quartz Composer plugins.
  • Refinement of particpants instrument designs.
  • Options for cuing a performance in Isadora.


What to bring / prepare

Please bring your own laptops*, either Mac or PC (Isadora will run on both). Familiarity with your computer’s operating system and basic experience with preparing video & audio files is recommended but no prior experience with using Isadora is needed. You will receive temporary full software licenses as part of the workshop.

Participants will also need to prepare some video and audio clips to bring to the workshop. If you own a MIDI controller, iOS device or Wii remote, you will be able to set them up as performance instruments within your Isadora design.

*STEIM has a limited number of computers available for those who do not have their own machines. If you would like us to provide you with a STEIM computer please let us know well in advance.

Workshop Leader

Jamie Griffiths is an interdisciplinary artist working with lens-based mediums, live performance improvisation, interactive medias and softwares. Jamie designs unique tools such as her ‘videmote’ spotlight, her pseudo-robot called I.V.Y., 3D video installations and a wireless performance instrument called I.T.

Jamie Griffiths head shot

Her early portraits in outsider cultures of the 1990’s morphed into experiments with therapeutic photography, collaborating with friends living with trauma, such as hermaphrodism & AIDS, as well as self portraits exploring metaphysics. Jamie is currently collaborating with Diego Samper on a new film & performance work in the Colombian Amazon, for exhibition in London, Vancouver & Berlin.

Jamie has been a visiting resident artist at STEIM since 2007 and is currently building a new wireless performance instrument with STEIM’s hardware/software support & encouragement.  Jamie is a researcher in projection technology & adjunct professor in Film & Theatre at the University of British Columbia, teaches conceptual photography at Langara College in Vancouver, BC and delivers workshops internationally on art and interactive technology, including the STEIM Foundation & Rietveld Art Academie in Amsterdam, Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts & Technology (Canada) & [ s p a c e ] in London (UK).