This year STEIM is collaborating with a number of other organizations on the Sounds of the Underground Festival, May 5, 9-12 in the center of Amsterdam west!

The program offers up an eclectic selection of some of the most interesting musical acts in the Dutch underground scene. We’re happy to be a part of making it happen. And if you’re going on May 11-12, be sure to check out the instrument building workshop being led by DIY electronic art gurus Peter Edwards and Phil Stearns from the US.

SOTU Festival has completed its lineup of names and program components.With additions of several DJs and acts:: Mik Quantius (DE), Hystery Land 2 (Noise Extravaganza!), EKE,  Duo13 (Aart Strootman & Bram Stadhouders), Homemade Empire, Die Munch Machine (UK), Dj Trish Trash, Dj The No, DJ Baba Electronica, Selektor Depender feat. MC Diamanta & Lorren, DJ Ruwedata,  John Dikeman & Andy Moor, Arnold de Boer, The Sasters, Botfly & Holzkopf Duo, Motel Aurora, Damcase, Pal / Secam, The Exploding Potatoes (NL), Bardo Frings, Alexandros Papamarkou, Loyu and GARTMALEN.. The second edition is of the program is complete, On 5 May on the dOeK Festival (Vondelbunker) and 9 – 12th. May at locations Lost Property, OT301, OCCII, Vondelbunker and Budapest. SOTU Festival aims to present the many facets of the contemporary musical underground, the program contains more than seventy artists (local and international) ranging from indie-rock, improv, electronica, punk, noise, rock & roll, digidub and bass music..Also included within the program are documentaries, workshops, art and performances. This second edition is realized thanks to the dedication and contributions from 25 organizations, collectives and curators.

This year SOTU want to bring the underground closer towards the audience, to emphasize the richness and roots within that, with genres like reggae, punk and rock & roll in a contemporary way.  We do this by asking ourselves where these genres at a certain time have been representing and what new genres you find back in that old mentality.

For more information and festival program visit the official SOTU website.


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