Tijs Ham – Chaos

Day 1

steim studio 1

Arrived at STEIM with two bags of gear and a laptop. Felt great to be back
there again although I have visited them quite regularly since I finished
my internship back in February last year. First thing on my to-do list was
to set up gear and do some soundchecking!

I’m pleased to be working with a subwoofer the next few weeks. It’s one of
those things my own studio is sorely lacking. Once I got my ‘no-input’ mixer
set up it was time to give it all a test run:


After recording some of these sessions I saw that my Soundlings colleague
Georgios Papadakis was in the building. We had a chat about some upcoming
projects after which I got back to the mixer. I recorded another session
in which I tried to focus on the chaotic bass frequencies. The result is
quite harsh and deep:


Time to dive into some SuperCollider code soon to see what I can do with
the sounds I’m getting so far!

Day 2

Instead of coding I decided to first bring along some more hardware gear to
see how it affects the feedback loops. Plugging in an Alesis Bitrman seems
to turn the setup into a funky beat machine. I made a couple of recordings



Later on I had a fruitfull talk about pressure sensors with Marije baalman
which resulted in me taking along a bunch of sensors to try out. Prepared
a bunch of code which I will use as a starting point tomorrow. This was
the last recording I made today:


Day 3

Slow start today… due to a lack of electricity. I guess having power is
quite essential in live-electronics. As soon as the power was back on I
decided to do a bit of jamming:


Been trying out some post effects on the output sound… with varying
results. Resonant lowpass filters work quite nicely although I made some
mistake in the panning which I’ll have to fix. I’ll try out a multi-
tap delayline with feedback tomorrow. Since the source sounds are all
about feedback I tend to focus that eastatic of the processing of the

I recorded some sessions with a more fragile approach to the sound…
Almost like exploring the tipping point.



Day 4

Did a lot of coding and scrapping and coding again today. Using chaotic
functions to control parameters is quite a laborious process. Its hard
to predict the outcome. So trial and error it is! It was good to be
switching between coding and playing all day although it took me a lot
of time to get to the kind of sounds I’m looking for. Actually I’m
not there yet, and it’ll probably take me a long period of finetuning
before I’m really satisfied. here are some of the results:



Day 5

Got this recording as I just switched on my gear and tweaked 2 or 3 knobs:


Exploring the boundaries of chaotic tipping points today. I’m realizing that
playing with a no input mixer is not so much like playing ‘solo’ but a lot
more like playing a duet.

Day 6

Today Yaniv Schonfeld came of in the afternoon for some no input jamming! Learned
a lot again… also with playing around with a pressure sensor on the software


Realized that the processing I do in SuperCollider should be fed back to the no-
input mixer… The results are a lot more intricate that way. I like the way that
every sound element is interconnected to the overall sound. In the evening I hosted
the Think Tank Meeting #12. Marije Baalman and Georgios Papadakis gave presentations
and a workshop on the topic mapping. In the end I got the chance of asking some
advise on mapping in chaotic circumstances. Very helpfull!

Day 7

My thoughts are slowly shifting from exploring the sounds of no input to designing a
controller for the software part. I have some ideas that I’d like to explore in these
weeks of my residency. One of them is to create a controller that requires physical
strength in order to become really expressive.

Recorded a few more jams:



Day 8

First day of controller building!


Day 9

Now for some sounds:


Day 10

The controller is pretty cool! and quite expressive! Today I’m constantly
trying out different kinds of mapping for the controller. I’ve taken out
the ringmodulators from the setup just so that I can better hear what the
effects in SuperCollider are doing to the overal sound.

Here’s a recording of the controller connected to the no input mixer sounds:


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