Recommended: Diemo Schwarz Concert and Lecture Oct 3-4

On the 3rd and 4th of October IRCAM developer and researcher Diemo Schwarz will be visiting Amsterdam and Hilversum for a concert October 3 (in Amsterdam) and a lecture on October 4 (in Hilversum).

Diemo is part of the Real Time Musical Interactions team of IRCAM.

Diemo is best known as the engineer behind CataRT, a corpus-based concatenative sound synthesis system developed for MAXMSP using the FTM&Co libraries from IRCAM.


October 3 – Concert @ Zaal100

On the Third of October Diemo will play with Amsterdam based trumpet player and instrument builder Hans Leeuw at the TryTone festival in Zaal 100 in Amsterdam:
A meeting of Two whiz-kids of age. IRCAM based Diemo Schwarz who plays his own build software instrument CataRT and HKU lecturer and Electrumpet player Hans Leeuw met at STEIM in 2010 and are a duo since then. They both value the combination of high performance standards with the development of new instruments. This performance is about really new ways of playing and interacting with live produced sounds.

Concert Begins: 21h
Entry: € 7,-

October 4 – Lecture at the HKU in Hilversum

On the fourth of October he will give a lecture about novel mapping techniques for live performance developed at IRCAM.

The lecture is held at the School for the Arts and Technology Utrecht but will be at their location of Arts Media and Technology, Oude Amersfoortseweg 131, Hilversum

The lecture will be in room number 1129 between 10h and 13h. The lecture can be followed for free but please send Hans Leeuw an RSVP email when you want to attend so he can put your name at the reception desk:



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