Unicellular Time / Live Cinema Project

Enrique Mendoza / Composer
Sandra Real aka Chana / Live Video Performer
For this new Live Cinema project call Unicellular Time, we had the opportunity to do a production residency at Studio 2 in STEIM, from august 6th to august 18th 2012.
For this project we are working with bacterial observation of unicellular organisms that started after thinking about “What´s real time when physical dimension of the body changes?”. Sandra is using a digital microscope to observe and videotape different live unicellular organisms like miracidiums and nematodes. This organisms are taken from liquid humus, that is used to fertilize earth. We are going to combine videotaped footage and live observations with the microscope to do the live video performance.
Through several observations in our previous work we start dealing with the notion of an unknown world, that without a reference, the perception of time is very, very relative. And one of the results is that a person can experience void.
Having all this in mind, I (Enrique) start to ask myself how can I express this?. I focus on using resonances of several metal surfaces like foils, pipes, etc. The method was to take out the attack to modulate only the sound in expansion; I start to create the music that will express this void using LiSa software, a live sampler that I have been using in the past years under the guidance of Jos Zwaanenburg in STEIM.
Now we are in the process of constructing the audiovisual unicellular time experience. The show will be performed in the Live Performers Meeting 2013 in Mexico City and Rome. So, wait for more info about it…
Some material of the process:

We want to thank the advice of Dra. María Teresa Quintero, Parasitologist at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, that helped us a lot with the science side of the project.
This project is the continuity of our first Live Cinema show called “DEREGRESO”, an audiovisual representation detonated by a medical procedure to use fluoroscopy for visualize internal fluids by low doses of radiation. The Project it has been built by the original file using “OsiriX” a medical visualizer for artistic purposes, resulting in an introspective trip in dialogue with original music composed in LiSa by Enrique Mendoza.
In “DEREGRESO” we experience a unique procedure. I was working in a piece called Kráneo (composed and performed in STEIM), at the same time Sandra was experiencing the medical treatment. When I made a trip from Amsterdam to Mexico City I met Sandra that was also making a come back to life. We got together with our current artistic moments that result in our first Audiovisual Live Performance.

Finally we want to thank STEIM Studios for the invaluable space, time and guidance provided to the project.

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