Carl Testa > Artistic Residency Oct 9-17, 2010

Back in October, I spent a week at STEIM researching  spectral analysis and granular synthesis in an effort to expand my own programming capabilities using the audio programming language SuperCollider. This visit to STEIM provided me an oppurtunity to spend a significant amount of time learning about new features of SuperCollider and discussing topics with artists at STEIM as well as visiting lecturers. While my work with this project is not yet complete, I wanted to post an update on my thoughts regarding this work.
My week-long residency gave me the opportunity to spend a lot of time working on my solo electronics interfaces in SuperCollider. In addition to tweaking past work and creating some new work I have been doing lots of research into granular synthesis, instrumental data mapping, and spectral analysis/re-synthesis. Some really smart people have helped steer me in the right direction. If anyone is interested I suggest checking out the following people/projects. LorisJonathan ReusMarcelo Caetano and this paperMichael Klingbeil and especially his software SPEAR.
Using these tools/concepts I plan on extending my SuperCollider-based electronic setup within the next year. This is a long-term project for me and I appreciate STEIM giving me the opportunity to flesh out some ideas. I will update this post further as my project continues.

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