The Night of the Unexpected 2009


The Night of the Unexpected is a one night festival in which the diversity and dynamics of the contemporary music practice are fully featured and explored. The format encompasses composed classical music, improvised music, pop music, electronic dance music and performances in which music is combined with visual arts are all included.

This year STEIM was involved in two acts: the installation work PulseFF by Jan-Bas Bollen was developed by Byungjun Kwon at STEIM, and the Nono piece Post-prae-ludium No.1 “per Donau” was rehearsed at the STEIM studios. As always STEIM contributed also with providing equipment.

Photographs by Theo Howard

_MG_5424 _MG_5428

_MG_5433 _MG_5440

_MG_5445 _MG_5449

_MG_5456 _MG_5459

_MG_5468 _MG_5471

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