STEIM @ PICNIC: Electronic Instruments Special

Confused about the complexities of modern life? Trying to cope with change, but failing? Want to know what it all means? Stop trying to understand, and start training your intuition. Life in the network society cannot be planned, it will be improvised, whether you like it or not. This is a good thing. Musicians have been improvising for ages, and there may be more to learn from art, music and culture than you think when it comes down to business. Open your mind and your ears and listen to that inner voice.

23 September from 16:00-18:00h at Heart of the West (Westerliefde).

With Kristina Andersen, Dick Rijken, Robert van Heumen, Frank Baldé and Ariel Qassis.

There will be an introduction about live performance, improvisation, intuition and interfaces for instruments, a demonstration of how physical interfaces for live performance are created, and a performance where all these notions come together. Robert van Heumen will improvise together with PICNIC Qanun player Ariel Qassis, using live sampling of Ariel’s Qunan.


>> Update

Frank using the Wii remote as musical controller:

Kristina showing some of the work done at STEIM:

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