STEIM at TODAYSART09: Artist video preview


STEIM will be organizing a two day concert program at this years TODAYSART Festival in Den Haag. The first day will feature young Mexican musician Mario de Vega playing on numerous bent instruments and the Blippoo Extravaganza – 3 musicians (including the inventor himself) playing the magnificent dutch-brew synth Blippoo Box. For the second day video artist Emile Zile will perform Post-it Kino, Byungjun Kwon will further his wonderful experimentations into “writing sound” with his camera pen, type writer and camera printer, and dj sniff will be damaging some vinyl. Other STEIM related artists like Tarek Atoui and Dorevideo will be featured at other venues in the this pretty awesome festival that literally takes over the whole city of Den Haag.

Here is the line-up, schedule and preview video’s of the artists.

Date & Time:
Sep 25 & 26 at 21:00h

Mario de Vega (MX), Blippoo Extravaganza (Rob Hordijk (NL), Joke Nies (DE), Kassen (NL)), Emile Zile (AU), Byungjun Kwon (KR), dj sniff (JP)

Bed eLZE Spui 24-26, Den Haag, opposite of Asta and next to Tempo team within the TAG CRASH~CRUSH Exhibition space


[vimeo 2544945 500 281]
Post-it Kino by Emile Zile

[vimeo 5559661 500 281]
Byungjun Kwon

[vimeo 5590265 500 281]
dj sniff

Mario de Vega

Blippoo box performed by Hans Tammen

Arists Bios:
Mario de Vega
His work explores relations between stability, failure, simulation and ambiguity with site-specific projects, sculpture, documentation and sound improvisation.

His work has appeared in a wide variety of contexts including Museums, Galleries and Independent Spaces throughout Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States, Japan, Argentina, Korea and Spain. And in Festivals as Radar (MX), Mutek (MX), Transitio (MX), Bent (US), dbale Electronic Music Festival (CH), Sound Art Festival of Mexico (MX), Contemptronics (GER), Bend++ (JP), r4wb1t5 (US), Interface (MX), Megalopolis (US), Visual Sound (GER), No Idea (US), Cha’ak’ab Paaxil (MX), Lascas (CAN), Cybersonica (UK), Total Meeting (F) and others.

As an improviser his work involves a wide range of customized objects, analog and modified electronics, turntables and computer based interfaces in different combinations. Unpredictable situations by the manipulation of fragile objects and the potential of their failure using motors, magnets, electric semi-conductors, acoustic surfaces and electronic devices.

Works in Berlin & Mexico City.

Blippoo extravaganza

Joker Nies, Kassen Oud and Rob Hordijk have for a long time been associated artists in the field of electronic arts. Joker is widely known for his energetic electronic music performances on various circuitbent electronic devices. Kassen is a talented composer, musician and realtime programmer. Rob is a slightly excentric electronic instrument designer.

The three will explore a world of pure analog electronic sounds, playing a.o. Blippoo boxes, an instrument designed by Rob and already bent by design. In an improvised setup the trio will try to touch the essence of the haydays of abstract electronic sounds (around the 1950/60s) when the microelectronic future was still largely undefined but saturated with prospects of exciting interplanetary endeavours, to be rewarded with a happy family life in outer space. Scott them up, beamy!

Emile Zile
Emile Zile is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer thematically engaged with popular screen iconography, portraiture and crowd dynamics. Recent audiovisual projects include the Post-it Kino series of expanded cinema performances seen at the Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht and Chinese-European Art Center Xiamen, Performance Anxiety, a short essay film on the life and death of Steve ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin seen at Tent Rotterdam and the multi-channel sound performance Phantom Mass for Melbourne International Arts Festival 2008. A sense of black
humor and a playful and engaging use of sound are found throughout his body of work. Diverse roles in non-art contexts have included directing music videos, producing live visuals for contemporary dance productions in China, Switzerland and Australia, curating film and video screening programs that have been seen in Hong Kong, Berlin and Rotterdam, producing an early online graffiti archive in 1996 and being employed as a video production tutor in Australia, Nigeria and South Africa. Emile Zile is based in Amsterdam where he is currently enrolled in the Sandberg Institute M.F.A. program.

Byungjun Kwon
Byungjun Kwon (1971 South Korea) started his musical career in early 90`s as a singer/songwriter and has released 7 albums ranging from alternative rock to minimal house. He creates music for records, soundtracks, fashion collections, contemporary dance, theatre plays and interdisciplinary events developing his own musical instruments and performance tools. Now he lives and works in Amsterdam.

dj sniff
dj sniff is listening to Fulgeance’s new Smart Banging EP

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