A report of the Isadora workshop by Jamie Griffiths

Camera & editing by Eline Dekker
Text by Marloeke van der Vlugt
Photo’s by Michi Meier

The Isadora workshop took place at STEIM. An intense 3-day program had been set up for us. After a short introduction of eachother – there were 12 participants – Jamie started with presenting her work. Most of it can be seen on http://www.primaldivine and http://www.youtube.com/primaldivine. Especially her work with MIDI footpedals to be able to combine live filming and VJ-ing on stage gives a good example of her enthousiasm and ‘working on the bleeding edge’ of the combination of technology and live performance. At the moment she is developing a DVI system: a new interactive lighting/video/interactive performance tool.

Jamie explained her personal technical setup and than we started with the tutorials of Isadora. These can be found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqNw_4AWvvA

766-good-concentration 768-nice-overview-of-the-equipment

The goal of the workshop was to connect a Wii remote to Isadora and make something with that setup. It should be able to trigger video and audio. There is a Wii actor in Isadora, but it is not very developed. Better is to use either JunXion or Osculator to connect the Wii remote to Isadora. We tried them both during the workshop.

783-nice-overview-of-the-class 786-its-not-only-serious-work

The second day we got an assignment to work around a theme in groups of three. But only on the third day we had some time left to really start working on a performance. We had to create something small and present it to each other. It was quite amazing to see that actually everyone had something interesting in the end. And it was interactive with a clear beginning and end!

794-gives-an-idea-of-hands-on 804-okone-screenshot-then

Conclusion: a very good and inspiring workshop. Jamie is a great teacher, and her motto is totally right: you have to work with the left and the right side of the brain to succeed in working and creating with Isadora.

901-and-one-diagonal 838-an-attentive-class

844-jamie-explaining-things 858-good-concentration

859-action-picture 875-frank-in-action

887-jamie-in-action 892-ok-ok-one-more-screenshot


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