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I came to STEIM last april for an orientation workshop. I had a wonderful time learning about what goes on a STEIM and the tools they develop as well as the work of all the artists I met while I was there. Truly inspiring!
It happened that I was sticking around Amsterdam for a few weeks after the workshop to work on a collaboration with a dancer I know who was studying at the SNDO (another wonderful institution)  and STEIM generously lent me some space upstairs for awhile to work in. There I tinkered around with some ideas I had for an installation working with the arduino sensor interface and light sensors (photo-resistors). I’m still working on that project and it will probably find it’s final form as an installation involving photography and sound (light sensors effecting the sound subtly) but this summer I used some of the software I made at STEIM (max/msp) as well the arduino board in a new piece, called “how to pray” which I showed at Labspace Gallery in Toronto for august 2009.

In how to pray sounds are sampled from a home video of a bus tour on a family vacation from 1995, and found images are borrowed from an unknown woman’s trip to Great Britain in 1967. Presented through a series of miniature doors hung close to the floor, these sounds and images are revealed depending on which doors the viewer(s) chooses to open and which remain closed. This is done with max/msp and the arduino via electronics inside the doors that trigger the back lights for the images as well as sending information to the computer in order to trigger and organize the sounds.
You can have a look at the patch I made here (with help from a patch by Daniel Jolliffe) to process the analog switch information into midi information which was then sent to a DAW to trigger the sounds. You can also read about this and other projects of mine on my website.
Thanks STEIM!

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