As a ‘network laboratory’ STEIM is working with different musicians, visual artists and scientists. We provide coaching, teaching and offer our facilities and knowledge to other foundations and organisations to help with their own projects and research. Currently we are colaborating with several different artists and organisations.


AGA LAB Foundation and STEIM want to invite artists and designers to experiment with old as well as new techniques within their workshops and labs. In collaboration with each other both foundations are making their facilities and expertise available in order to make these experiments possible. AGA LAB offers expertise, a networking space and graphic facilities. STEIM offers knowledge, their own network, technical support, hardware and software to make soundart installations and electronic instruments.

Two artists are invited to explore new techniques and contexts and are working on their own project as a artist in residence at AGA LAB and STEIM.


With their projects Monobanda is researching human expression and meaningful interaction. This foundation wants to explore and push these boundaries in a playful matter. For their project ‘Spiegelstem’ Monobanda is working together with STEIM (amongst others) to create a safe and playful space for children and young people to better cope with agression and feelings of discomfort. The goal is to work towards a working prototype as a tool to translate those feelings, expressed in sound (voice), to a visual expression.

COLLABORATION Beeldenstorm/Daglicht

In order to enhance the role of sound and listening in everyday rituals, artist Ildikó Horváth explores alternative ways for social interactions around the dining table as part of STEIM’s Klinkklaar series.

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