Upcoming Events

Sound Art Events

STEIM is working on a series of ‘Sound Art Events’. Each event will focus on a different subject and partnership. Specific dates and subjects are still under construction.

Program (preliminary)
Due to the Coronavirus this events are still under construction or may be cancelled or postponed. Stay safe and keep posted!

march: Ceramics (cancelled)
may: Performance (postponed to july)
july: Orchestral Bells (postponed/under construction)
oktober: Health Care
december: Dimensions

Are you listening? Sound in context

Due to the Coronavirus this event is postponed until further notice. We will give you an update as soon as we have rescheduled this event. Stay safe and keep posted!

What does your world sound like? What do other worlds sound like? How can we make the world more musical?

Join us for an afternoon with sonic experiments in different contexts about the future of STEIM’s research: sound art, sonic life, the sound of health and care, and sound in the social domain. Bring your ears for speakers, experiences, plans, questions, projects, sound baths, installations and surprises.

How can musicality be an enrichment for lifeand society? Projects, experiences and challenges in the care sector, where silence is often more important than sound. Music is a verb. I music, you music, we are all musicing. Forget ‘music’as you know it, hello ‘musical world’ with musical streets, musical cities and musical communities.

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