Dementia Experience & Soundscape

Steim has started a collaborative research project on designing an interactive soundscape platform to improve the well being of nursing home residents with dementia.

Designing an interactive soundscape platform to improve the well being of nursing home residents with dementia

This project is based on preliminary research which indicates that exposure to sounds such as nature sounds throughout the day can improve the mood and well being of people with dementia living in a nursing home. We aim to design an interactive device which generates such soundscapes with a user-centered approach focused on tailoring the sounds to match each individual user as well as making the interface intuitive and engaging. 

Using the User Experience design (UX) methodology we started with investigative user research meant to inspire our design process and help us put ourselves in the shoes of the people with dementia and the staff of the nursing home. Until now we have been working closely with one nursing home in order to get a deep understanding of the future users needs and of the context of use of such a device. 

The collaborative partners are the The Hague University of Applied Science and Care institution Pieter van Foreest.

In the first half of 2020 we focused on the insights gathered during the user research into a first prototype. Currently The Hague University received a valuable graduation report from student Melina Fourtune and a prototype for an app. There is also a follow up on graduation research by RU-Groningen aiming to develop a commercial product. Together with Pieter van Foreest and The Hague University we continue our research how to use sound within care institutions and to increase the awareness around sound amongst healthcare personell and their clients.

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