Connector XIX

At the second edition of Connector this year, there will be a presentation by Michele Abolaffio & Giuliano Anzani, and performances by Roel Weerdenburg and Mári Mákó. The homeTONE exhibition will be open to visit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! starting this year the Connector events will be held every 2 months instead of monthly. So mark you calender for the next events: 4 April, 6 June, (we skip August, but in July we plan our yearly Summer Party!) 3 October, 5 December.

DATE: Thursday 7 february, 2019
TIME: 20:30 (Door open 20:00 hrs.)
COST: €7,50
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam


Michele Abolaffio and Giuliano Anzani

Pulse//Wave: Presentation & performance by Michele Abolaffio and Giuliano Anzani

Pulse//Wave explores the sonic nature of bodies and objects.
Two performers are challenged to tame material’s sound behaviour. Resonances are amplified and exposed through excitation and interaction. Hidden patterns reveal themselves through sound: matter and flesh become instruments.

Giuliano Anzani (IT/NL) is a sound designer and composer based in The Hague. His practice is focused on the development of generative environments and digital interfaces for live electronics. By combining stochastic processes and improvisation, he aspires to explore new musical vocabularies and interactions.

Michele Abolaffio (IT/NL) is a performer, electronics designer and research associate at STEIM. His artistic and technological research focuses on the development of biophysical musical instruments for live performance.


Roel Weerdenburg

Roel Weerdenburg is a live audio and visual performer, composer of electronic music and sound designer.
Currently he is a student in Sonic Design and Electronic Music Composition at University of the Arts Utrecht.
Here he is focussing on interface design for his modular synthesizer, multidisciplinary works like electro-acoustic ensembles and composition for theater and audio/visual installations.
The audiovisual performance Roel is going to do is the continuation of a study about the combination of and translation between analog audio and video signals.


Mári Mákó

Mári Mákó (HU) composer and sound artists based in Rotterdam the Netherlands.
She is playing with live electronics which she is combining with acoustical sound sources: voice, amplified instruments and objects. In her performance she is looking for unconventional music practices to give space for her own compositional processes. Her aim is to create a sensation of musical flow and for that she created a structured improvisational method to play on her instruments. She is also busy with designing her own performative tools with sensors and self-built oscillators.
She has graduated from the Institute of Sonology and currently doing her Composition Master degree at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag.

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