bAgg*fisH – artist in residence at STEIM, Amsterdam December 8th – 12th 2013

Already a year ago (time is running so fast…) Michael Fischer (Austrian tenor saxophone, feedback_saxophone, violin) and me (Marcos Baggiani: drums, small instruments) got the opportunity to make a residence here in Steim.
The purpose:
1- Studio working on the mix of material recorded previously.
2- Developing new material -integration feedback acoustic- and documenting it.
Our 2nd part of the plan was much more successful than the 1st one, and a whole bunch of new ideas and possibilities open up after working in the studio exposing our feedback duo to Oscar Jan Hoogland on his electro-clavichord, moogs and turn tables and playing a feedback + acoustics with Wilbert de Joode and Felicity Provan.
Not all the work that we planned to do came out so easily as we foreseen it, but the research process was in it self very fructifying and we are looking forward to make a 2nd residence in the near future!
All in all: We had a great time working at Steim and specially playing for The winter party.
Audience was great and we felt very good being part of Steim family for that period.
We leave you here with a video of bAgg*fisH @ STEIM Winter Party, Amsterdam:

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