III – Trails to Hear

Tour of visual and musical performances

iii – an international collective based in The Hague – present an evening in which you will navigate from act to act. At each new location, you will discover a world in which the artists strive, using their unusual instruments, to create a fragile balance between order and chaos. The tours will start at 20h30(sharp!)
Walking through the exhibition, artists will let the audience re-discover space, sound, image, body and matter in a unique way. With familiar elements, each work unfolds an exciting new landscape while introducing its own language. In an era of scientific and technological standardization, iii presents a multitude of alternatives by mixing interdisciplinary research and individual phantasy.
Wen Chin Fu (TW) – Spine Spinning
This performance focuses on the spine. The artist transforms the human body into an unknown creature with motion and voice sounds. Based on the pioneering work by chronophotographer Étienne-Jules Marey and a specially designed costume, the perception of the human body receives an intriguing twist.
Paper Ensemble (NL) – Instruments of paper
Led by Jochem van Tol, the Paper Ensemble tries to grasp the magic of the material and then blow it up to full size. The ensemble doesn’t consist of violinists or wind instruments, but of paper instruments.
DJ Urine (FR) – A Cut-n-paste Music Act
Literally. Instead of digitally fusing records and simples, DJ Urine creates his sound collages by breaking LP’s and glueing them back together in new combinations. Noise with an elegant and personal touch.
Jeroen Uyttendaele (BE) – Montage For Multiple Senses
This Belgian artist (who graduated in Radio and Art Science) explores the relation between sound, light, space, time and viewer. In this performance, he creates an audio-visual installation on the spot, with a fragile equilibrium between auditive, visual and tactile elements.
Matteo Marangoni (IT) – City Sondols
With self-built mobile instruments, Marangoni broadcasts sound impulses in the urban landscape. These impulses reveal the acoustic character of the architecture thanks to echo and feedback. The performance creates a new, active perception of the space that is usually only visible but now also audible.
Mariska de Groot (NL) & Dieter Vandoren (BE) – Shadow Puppet?
Performance in a light-sound machine. Shadow play between man and machine. Synthesis of light and raw sound. Human dynamics of attracting and repelling.

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