andrew @ STEIM

It’s been a great first few days at STEIM. Day one I started by building four new apps all around the same concept to get that out of my system. Day two I recorded using the new apps sent through a quad speaker array with live feedback from the apps into the system. The initial recordings are sounding nice.

Day three was back to apps, refining and thinking more in depth about expanding from individual works to a broader system partially inspired by Phill Stearns work with bread board modular synth that he is building. Today has been a bit of a deep dive. For the last few months I have wanted to rebuild standaloneV1 and today I made that happen. I rebuilt the application from the ground up porting the audio handling from the Novocain framework to libpd. Initially Novocain was great and I would not have been able to realize my ideas without it. However the ease of use with libpd has provided a great springboard for future dev. We will see what the next couple weeks bring.

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