Fay Lovsky & Vintage Analogue Electronic Music at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

A tribute to Michel Waisvisz by the pioneers of the analogue electronic music from the seventies:
Polo de Haas, piano, synthesizers and Mini Moog and Pierre Courbois, drums & synthesizers.

Concertgebouw, small hall
Saturday 2nd March 2013, 20.15 hrs
Entree: € 28,50 / € 22,50 (drinks included)
Reservations: De Concertgebouwlijn 0900 671 83 45 / www.concertgebouw.nl

In the early seventies pianist Polo de Haas worked at STEIM and was a member of the Amsterdams Electrisch Circus with (amongst others) composer Peter Schat and designer and artist Floris Guntenaar. De Haas was an early adapter and bought a Mini Moog (from the first series build by Bob Moog) and many other synthesizers like the Korg Polyphonic Ensemble and the Synthi AKS. Together with drummer Pierre Courbois he gave many concerts with analogue synthesizers and improvised music. De Haas also performed electronic music at the so called Vietnam Meadow in Het Amsterdamse Bos during protest concerts against the war in Vietnam. Pierre Courbois developed and build many electronic devices himself, using all kind of percussion possibilities that were transformed in many ways.


In his own concert series  in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw De Haas invited Pierre Courbois, saxophoneplayer Leo van Oostrom and Fay Lovsky, singer and performer on the Theremin, one of the first electronic instruments developed by the Russian scientist Leon Theremin. Percussionist Niels Meliefste will perform ‘Case History’  an analogue composition by Roderik de Man.
Both, Leo van Oostrom and Polo de Haas, have an original Crackle Box build by Michel Waisvisz and they will be performing a duet on them.

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