STEIM RADIO #11: The June 18ers

STEIM Radio #11 features music by performers who have played at STEIM’s annual June 18th concerts. The show will be broadcasted at on June 20, 2012 at 23:00 and streamed afterwards at this location. (UPDATE) The full program is now also streaming on mixcloud and can be downloaded. Below is the text written for the broadcast.

When I arrived to STEIM, the institution suffered from an age-old reputation of being closed and elitist, which was contrary to my own experience. This was place that thrived by opening it’s door to anyone who was interested in experimenting with sound and technology. The challenge then became how to interest people who weren’t interested in experimenting.

We had to build a new audience that were not just connoisseurs of experimental music, but of people who were curious and open to new experiences. We shifted our core activity to facilitating and supporting this community through workshops, meet-ups, and residencies. And June 18th, which started as a rebellious action day against government cuts, then later turning into the memorial day of our previous Director, became an annual mini-festival to showcase the diverse energy that flows through STEIM.

Over the last 4 years, the June 18th program has featured a wide variety of artists spanning across the globe and freely crossing genres. Every year has been memorable, reminding me each time what a unique place this is.

STEIM June 18 programs:
2008: Akira Sakata / JP, Joel Ryan / NL, Laetitia Sonami / US, Mark Gergis / US, Liz Allbee / US, Raed Yassin / LB, Tarek Atoui / LB, Robert van Heumen / NL, Feedback Society / NL, Macular / NL, dj sniff / JP
2009: Yannis Kyriakides / NL, Andy Moor / NL, Sweatson Klank (aka Take) / US, Kassen / NL, Yota Morimoto / JP, Byungjun Kwon / KR, Jan Bas Bolen / NL
2010: Mark Trayle / BE, DJ Elephant Power / BE, Daysuke Takaoka / JP, Ben Terwel / NL
2011: Mike Gao / US, Lumisokia / NL, Cactus Truck / NL
2012: Ito Atsuhiro / JP, Christine Abdelnour / FR, Andy Moor / NL, dj sniff / JP

Track List:
1. Live at STEIM June 18 2009 / Byungjun Kwon
2. Textures± / Yota Morimoto
3. Charmed Life / Liz Allbee
4. Live at STEIM June 18 2008 / Laetitia Sonami
5. Live at STEIM June 18 2008 / Tarek Atoui, Raed Yassin, dj sniff
6. Live at STEIM June 18 2010 / Daysuke Takaoka
7. Scrrrratccchindia / DJ Elephant Power
8. Poo Jud / Neung Phak
9. The Song of Gateball / Akira Sakata Trio
10. Iwatsubame / Akira Sakata Trio
11. Limpid Extra edit / Cactus Truck
12. Simple Degradation (Border) / Mark Trayle
13. Folia (track 7) / Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor
14. Tije / Lumisokia
15. Paper Garden / Sweatson Klank (aka Take)
16. Babylon Child / Mike Gao
17. live outside andergrond / Kassen
18. Ending at June 18 2008

Text, selection and mix by Takuro Mizuta Lippit (dj sniff)

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