Nina Boas’ Follies Fille Premier

Nina Boas’ new work Follies Fille will premier this weekend at the Ostadetheater, Amsterdam.

Boas worked with STEIM and Georgios Papadakis (aka Fetapapa) extensively last year to develop a new video animation tool, which premiered at our Patterns + Pleasure Festival and featured at the LIG Art Theater in Seoul.

Together with the Feikes Huis this year, she has worked on a full-blown theater production with dancers and actors and again working with Papadakis and STEIM.

I saw the tryout performance of Follies Fille back in March. The piece takes the audience through a looking glass into Boas’ intimate world where lovers dance, giants pour tea, and drawings come alive. It engages the audience on many different levels, and a strong piece that brings together all the elements of Boas’ work in music, theater, and fine art.

Go check it out!

Patterns+Pleasure Festival: Nina Boas from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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