junXion v5.2 released!

Steim is happy to announce a new release of its popular music tool junXion. The release of version 5 brings a number of new features, optimizations and more streamlined performance.

junXion is a Mac OSX data routing application that can process the ‘sensors’ of any human interface device(joysticks, mice, touchscreens, etc), MIDI event, OSC message(Open Sound Control), WiiRemote sensors, Audio inputs, Arduino sensor board inputs and Video input data. It can process these sensors using conditionals, changes, etc. and transform its data into MIDI events and/or OSC (Open Sound Control) events as its output. The resulting MIDI / OSC data is then available to any audio/music software that runs on that Mac or can be send to external MIDI interfaces or via a network to other computers listening to OSC messages. This way other OSX based music applications such as Steim’s LiSa X (MIDI), Native Instrument’s Reaktor (MIDI/OSC), Ableton Live, etc. or external Midi devices such as synthesizers, samplers, etc. can be ‘played’ using for example cheap game controllers or an Arduino based sensor instrument.

This new version adds Arduino output functionality, allowing you to use junXion to send messages to an Arduinoboard to control steppenmotors, LED’s, etc.

For more info see: junXion v5 info

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