Help support STEIM by becoming a friend

Dear friends, colleagues, and lovers of experimental music.

We are running a donation campaign to help raise funds for our ongoing work and short-term restructuring. Things must change in the face of the shifting political climate in the Netherlands.

If you like what we do and want to help us do more of it – please consider becoming a Friend of STEIM. You simply pay 50 Euros a year to become a Friend. It’s a small token of support so that we can still be here for you the next time you need us.

STEIM has always seen itself not primarily as an institution but as a cultural network. Our friends have always been what made it all possible and interesting. If you’ve been touched by STEIM at some point we hope you’ll find the generosity to work with us to play this transition through.

Donations can be made by following this link.

Please spread the word, and happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “Help support STEIM by becoming a friend

  1. I was just thinking … If you would make your software work on more operating systems, more people might buy it.
    Maybe Steim can make and sell more experimental electronic music instruments.
    Make an electronic music platform where people can upload their experimental music (or loops), sell it and some amount of the income goes to Steim.

    • Thanks for your suggestion Wouter. We have looked into multiple platform options and also mass producing some of our custom built instruments, but the profit margin compared to amount of resources we would have to put in (including customer support and dealing with OS updates) just too little.