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The STEIM SensorLab is a small, general purpose, analog to Midi interface for the prototyping of musical instruments and interactive control systems. Whether the computer is a central element in an artists work or simply a tool bridging a technological gap, the need for real world input and output is essential. The SensorLab connects the real world of physical phenomena and gestures via Midi to personal computers and to Midi musical and studio devices.

Unfortunately, the Sensorlab is no longer for sale. We are working on a new solution for interfacing sensors.
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Image/ine is a Macintosh program that allows a user to manipulate visual source material in a live performance environment. Video sampling and playback, keying, displacement and other effects are available with video (live and recorded), QuickTime movies, text, scanned images, image files with alpha channels.
Please visit www.image-ine.org for more info.

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