Yaniv Schonfeld > Development residency – Cadavre 2.0

Cadavre 2.0 is the continuation of the original cadavre that was performed in israel in 2009 – where a harp of a piano was found thrown away in the street ,
The object was used as a tool to build a theatrical concept around , thus it gained the name cadavre wich is a word play in hebrew on harp and an animal cadaver
Since Juli I have been working on a new version of cadavre – which is now salvaged from a 50 year old upright piano ,it is amplified with guitar pickups and played on with bows drumsticks and hopefully electro-magnets very soon.
the idea of this work came up to me the moment i found the instrument , i have always been fascinated by how stuff sound , especially broken ones , at a certain point i got tired of preparing guitars so the oportunity opened up for an extremely prepared piano that loses the form of a piano in order to become a totally new instrument.

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