Frouke Wiarda > STEIM Orientation Workshop 2011

Sounds relates to the phylosophy of the question of space and place. Sound is unique, it flows around obstacles, openings, reveals the interior state of objects, requires energy to create and disperses over long distances. It creates its own language based on events.
The orientation workshop of Steim is not only about the practise of a sensorlabsystem, processing midi and data references. What appeals to me is that Steim approaches sound as research. Steim provided me an ideal space to evaluate, challenge and discuss the different approaches towards sound and electronic instrument design. Steim on itself is an instrument of thought, a place to reflect all the different aspects about sound and how to express.
Some questions or plain sentences that keeps me busy after joining the workshop:
The desire to express.
What makes an instrument?
How do people listen to prerecorded records? The scratch is bringing back the moment.
How to reach that much variaty and complexity as in an acoustical instrument?
How can you reach or built systems, whith wich you can reach in a moment a strong intensity?
An instrument as a musical and reflective practise.
How can we design something where you never have been before, inventing a new way..?
It was an inspiring time at Steim. I enjoyed much from my fellow workshop participants. They came from all different places and with all different musical backgrounds. We had lots of conversations while sharing a nice refreshing beer and lovely meal at the end of the day. Steim is a inspiring place for sharing thoughts and being challenged to reach new territories in my artistic practice. I loved it! Thanks! Frouke Wiarda

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