SOUND TRIANGLE is a project initiated by LIG Art Foundation and STEIM to exchange experimental sound artists and performers from each of their networks. From November 1 – 5, six artists and researchers from STEIM visit Seoul to teach workshops and perform concerts. The following week five korean artists come to Amsterdam for an Artist-in-Residency at STEIM and a series of concerts in the area.

Byungjun Kwon performing at STEIM, 2010

The project was spearheaded by former STEIM staff Byungjun Kwon (he designed the Sonic Juggling Balls among many other instruments between 2008 – 2011) and Artistic Director Takuro Mizuta Lippit’s connection with the emerging Korean underground scene. Kwon being somewhat of a legend in Seoul’s alternative music scene from the 90’s developed a completely new practice and association with sound through his studies and work period in the Netherlands. Since his return to Korean in summer of 2011, he is pursuing new directions through collaborating with local artists in Seoul.

Sato Yukie, another central figure in Korea’s underground scene first played in Amsterdam at an event organized by Kwon in 2008

In the last couple of years, Hankil Ryu has been very active in both bringing foreign artists to Korea and traveling abroad to perform himself. Similar to Yan Jun from Beijing, through his organizing, performing and writing he has become a crucial figure in connecting the outside world to the mysterious local underground scene. For SOUND TRIANGLE he coordinated the concert program at LIG Art Hall.

Hankil Ryu at Cafe OTO / London, 2010

STEIM will bring Alex Nowitz, Hans W Koch, Nina Boas, dj sniff, Jon Reus and Frank Baldé for 1 week in Korea. The program consists of 3 workshops, 1 lecture and 2 concert nights. See full program here (in Korean).

Hans W. Koch STEIM residency, 2010

From Nov 7 – 18, Hankil Ryu, Byungjun Kwon, Chulki Hong, Joonyong Choi and Swaan Che will come to STEIM working in the studios on various projects and perform a series of concerts. They conclude their residency with a performance in Amsterdam at SMART PROJECT SPACE. See their full schedule here.

Hankil Ryu, Joonyong Choi, Chulki Hong STEIM residency 2010

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