The new Cracklebox kits

Now it’s time for everyone to make their own Crackleboxes. With the help of crackle-hacker Daniel Schorno and crackle interaction design specialist Jon Reus, our new engineer Marije Baalman has created the Crackle-Hack kits. These are modern crackle circuits are meant for hacking, bending and extending in every possible way. These kits will be revealed for the first time at the workshops at our festival in 2 weeks.

The Cracklebox (aka Kraakdoos) was originally invented by former STEIM Director Michel Waisvisz and a handful of young engineers in 1973. One can argue that this was the first mobile sound synthesizer. Since then more than 5000 units have been hand-made and shipped to around the world. For the last several years, Daniel Schorno has been teaching workshops on how to extend these vintage boxes through adding resonators and light sensitive circuits. Early this year Jon Reus wrote a paper and an iphone app based on examining the fundamental interaction involved in this touch sensitive device. Some of the parts in the original box are becoming rare, so this summer we decided to work on a new version with modern parts. More details about the board will be available soon!

2 thoughts on “The new Cracklebox kits

  1. @Bram It’s certainly an interesting idea to open source the design. But the first step is to make sure we’re happy with the redesign. The original is quite a funky circuit to reproduce accurately.