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Sleeping Bears | interactive installation | KAAP exhibition | Fort Reigenthoek Utrecht

Last weekend! 9  & 10 July 2011 – open from 10h to 18h

An interactive sound installation by Lyndsey Housden and Yoko Seyama, created with children aged 7 to 12 years in mind, was developed at STEIM during Lyndsey’s artist in residence from March to May 2011. Sleeping Bears is installed inside one of the mounds at Fort Ruigethoek, Utrecht; a former waterline defense fort. Over 100 years of natural growth has transformed this bygone military base into a nature reserve and an adventure island for children. Lyndsey Housden and Yoko Seyama were commisioned by STORM Utrecht to make a work for the Fort in the context of a young peoples art festival. In response they imagined the mounds as giant sleeping bears, whose mesh of elastic nerves generated a sympathetic composition of electric sounds when children of all ages played inside. The chimneys that are visible on top of the mounds piped out the sounds created inside; this resulted in a continually evolving sound composition, caught in the wind and inviting people to climb the mound.

During my  STEIM residency I worked together with Georgios Papadakis from STEIM to develop the software and sensor interface. The work uses accelerometer sensors combined with contact microphones and resonating columns to generate electronic sounds. We used the STEIM  JunXion software to read and scale the accelerometer data.

a more detailed project blog follows in the next weeks.

The KAAP exhibition is Curated by Tiong Ang

Commissioned by Storm Utrecht. Supported and funded by STROOM Den Haag and STEIM Amsterdam.

Technical support from Georgios Papadakis (STEIM) and Rene Wassenburg schrikdraad-ontwerp

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