Notations 21 events in Amsterdam

lemuriformes project just finished a short residency at STEIM and will be performing at the Notations 21 events that take place this month.

NOTATIONS21 is an anthology of graphic scores by contemporary composers published on the 40th anniversary of John Cage’s publication of Notations. Visual artists and musicians meet up to create new performances based on graphic scores [from drawings to video and installations], in the spirit of the book Notations21 by Theresa Sauer [].

The visual components of the very diverse music prove to appeal to a wider audience than regular experimental music events. A network of performers and inspiring locations has emerged from this idea. Events will take place from April 2011 on.

15th April: the author of Notations21 Theresa Sauer will present her book around a two hours exhibition and music events at Kulter, followed by a music concert on 17th at Orgelpark, 22nd at Skybox – a performance made possible by the support of Steim, 27th & 28th at Glazenhuis, June at Huize Frankendael, September at M4gastatelier, October in Rhizomatic.

lemuriformes is a collaborative improvisational performance project in which live coding, painting and electronic music blend together in one experience.
Many issues are addressed in the process, such as the role of the graphical representation of code in live coding performances, live coding as a means of sound transformation [rather than synthesis], human and machine involvement levels in electronic music and live coding in collaborative performances.
Yet the main reason to start this unusual cooperation was to share a positive and playful experience in which the personal qualities of the collaborators have their role defined on the fly.
The performance at Skybox will be the result of a short residency at STEIM in the first week of April to explore further this interesting combination of crosshatched and intersecting auditory and visual palettes.
Ink: Julie Dassaud, synthesizer: Eliad Wagner, circuits: Roel van Doorn, coding from Lituania: Laurens van der Wee.
* As to the natural scientific and evolution theory considerations on lemuriformes [French for lemurs, as they have headquarters in Madagascar] and their disproportionate black & white tails we kindly re-direct you to related Wikipedia article.

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