Richard Scott > WiGi Update

This is the latest manifestation of my previously documented modified Buchla Lightning/WiGi (Wireless gesture Instrument) project.

It is very much at an intermediate stage. Gone are the Nintendo Wii controllers and in are the Arduinos. This shows 2 different stategies for the buchla lightning Rods – the left is simply strapped onto a box containing the ardio board, the right has been deconstructed and positioned inside the ardiuno box, sharing its power source. The point of the latter is to give better thumb access to the switches – restriction to this acess have been the biggest problematic issues with the designs so far.



and here is the Wireless reciever box which also functions as a recharger for the arduino batteries



The next stage will be to combine what we learn from these two prototypes into a  “final” (is it ever final?) handset design dedicated to the purpose. Whether this contains the Buchla technology at all or whether it will be completely replaced is the next big decision we will face.

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