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orientation workshop # 107

with Jacob Wick, Cormac Crawley, Ludwig Giersch and Duncan Chapman.

The STEIM interested me a lot because of the various resources developed and being developed related to relationships between music interfaces and human performers.

Coming at the STEIM was, and still is, a very good context for me to develop my project « I am the echo of a shadow of a shadow ».

This project, that I am working on since 2009 is an installation of controllers and their scores.
The computer screen is removed, remains to interpret the music sound, the partitions and a stopwatch.

This project, reconnect the composer, performer, and developer (electronics / digital instrument maker) collaboration. It leave the laptop screens and investigate again the space of performing musical interfaces controlling the computer. The scores become the only way in which the musical interpretation can take place because the computer screen is not present and cannot guide or influence the musicians interpreting the composition.

This year, I am working on some new digital interfaces. They are being developed with the help of developers.


Video Loop#01 played by Diemo Schwarz


After my application to the STEIM I was invited by Robert van Heumen to an orientation workshop.

I was just coming back from a residency in Montreal at Perte de signal where I have developed the first prototype of a new controller using magnets.

It was a great opportunity to show this new tool to the crew, they gave me some good ideas in way to develop the second prototype that is currently being build in Paris by Maurin Donneaud and Vincent Roudaut (XY interaction).

During the 10 days I also had some great exchanges with the other participants, played music with Jacob and Ludwig and had some good chat with all of them.

Link impro with them


Thanks a lot to Takuro Mizuta Lippit, Daniël Schorno, Frank Baldé, Jonathan Reus, Michael Straus and Thomas Mymel for sharing their knowledge and research with us. Thanks also to Esther Roschar and Nico Bes for their kindness in welcoming us.





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