Tonight: Microtub and Mikesnoband by DNK-Amsterdam @ STEIM

DNK-Amsterdam is opening their program for 2011 at STEIM with a tuba trio and a new installation project that is being developed at STEIM by Koen Knutters and Morten J Olsen.

Robin Hayward – Tuba
Martin Taxt – Tuba
Kristoffer Lo – Tuba

Consisting of three improvising tuba players, microtub explores the potential of group tuba music beyond the standard format of the tuba quartet. One F tuba and two C tubas are used to produce a palette of sound previously unexplored. With a focus on microtonality and timbral exploration, microtub draws on both the compositional and improvisational skills of its members to make intense and memorable music.

A sound installation / performance instrument by Koen Nutters and Morten J Olsen.
Work in progress presentation before being exhibited in April, 2011 at the Gertrude Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
Supported by Gertrude Gallery, Melbourne, STEIM, DNK-Amsterdam, Onomatopee.
Performers: Morten J Olsen, Koen Nutters, Andre Avelas, Boris Baltschun, Christophe Meierhans

One thought on “Tonight: Microtub and Mikesnoband by DNK-Amsterdam @ STEIM

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