Studies For a Self-Portrait by Alex Nowitz in Berlin

Long-term STEIM resident Alex Nowitz will be giving the first public presentation of the proto-type of his new gestural controller “Shells” in Berlin. This instrument has been built through refining and redesigning his previous Wiimote instrument by STEIM members Byungjun Kwon, Daniel Schorno and Frank Balde. The shape was built by visual artist Florian Goettke.


This project would fall into STEIM’s “traditional” approach in instrument design. Alex has had countless sessions with the designers to figure out the subtle placings of the sensors and the sound interaction. The instrument is built from his desires and image of how he wants to play his music. Funnily enough, the design looks pretty simular to old instruments that were built at STEIM, but the process was utterly unique and highly a personalized one for Alex.

At this stage, we are done with the first proto-type. He will field test the instrument before the more refined 2nd version will be made. The instrument will be performed at our Festival in September and we plan publish a more detailed report on the process later this year.

January 30, 2011:
for voice, live-electronics, piano, toy piano and turntable
by Alex Nowitz

Studio of the Schaubuehne Berlin am Lehniner Platz
Start: 20:30

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