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After an excellent first day...

Gregory and Jeff after an excellent first day…

The Desert Fathers: First day in the studio at STEIM

The Desert Fathers: Jeff and Gregory, serious, sans beer

My work involved several things this past visit in August 2010:

1) A studio recording with Gregory Taylor. Our duo, The Desert Fathers, has some live recordings floating around, but have never recorded in the studio. The recording went quite smoothly, Gregory and I put in almost a week of eight hour plus days playing, recording, reviewing mixes. The material came out quite well, I think, and mixing and editing are almost finished….the CD will be titled “Charismata” and should be out soon. We also performed a concert at STEIM:

The Desert Fathers
STEIM Residency Concert: The Desert Fathers: Jeff Kaiser (US) – trumpet + computer & Gregory Taylor (US) – computer: Aug 5, 2010: STEIM, Amsterdam NL
2) I also video recorded interviews with musicians Joel Ryan, Takuro Mizuta Lippit, Gregory Taylor and Lesley Flanigan for my dissertation. These went smoothly, and the musicians had very intriguing ideas, of which I am currently transcribing and compiling…
3) Bonus: While not an “official” part of my stay, I used the studio in the evenings to record acoustic music with US ex-pat saxophonist John Dikeman…a lot of fun.
There were also many artistic/social pluses to this visit: concurrent with my stay were artists Lesley Flanigan, Jesse Seay, PIRX and scholar/author/musician David Schwarz…we had a great time wandering the city, exchanging ideas and taking in the local beer…
With David,  Jesse and Lesley at Gollem

With David and Jesse

With Lesley

Looking forward to next time!
Jeff Kaiser

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