Steim at museum n8

Last saturday evening/night Steim partcipated in the Museum Night activities of Nemo, the science museum of Amsterdam. At the Nemo location, Steim presented part of their Mobile Touch exhibition and a new music/graphics installation called Yes, Wii Can.

Almost 6500 visitors entered Nemo that night, so it was very busy and we received a lot of very positive feedback on our installations.

With Mobile Touch we were situated at the Captains Cabin, a beautiful space for our exhibition as you can see above.

Nemo did an excellent job in publicity and clear signs in the building. The guides provided by Nemo were clearly used to ‘guide’ lots of public and they did a fantastic job.

This picture shows the average amount of people that were present in the Mobile Touch space at all times between 7pm and 2am!

In the Movie Hall we presented the Yes Wii Can installation were visitors could try to play a music song, composed by Theo Howard, in a ‘normal’ way by navigating with a Wii controller. Only if all the three Wii’s were tracking the moving ‘sun’ in its trajectory, the music could be heard as it was composed, making it a challenge for the visitors.

All in all a great event and we would like to thank the people of Nemo for hosting us and for the perfect organization of the event.

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